Corenet Computer Solutions                                                  Serve Secure Protect Resolve (SSPR)

About Us

Always keep your computers secured and equipped with user-friendly programs when your computer network services are provided by CoreNet Computer Solutions in New York, and Globally. The company always ensure honesty and reliability.

With many years of experience, CoreNet Computer Solutions provides networking, troubleshooting, installation, and configuration services, specializing in Linux™ and Windows™ operating systems. Tech support admin do not hurry in completing the jobs but take time to find the best solutions at competitive rates. The owner makes it a point to stay at par with everyday issues in the computer world. Senior administrator carefully uses each day to improve Technical capability in solving problems.

Take the modern route to conducting your business with an Internet component added to our operations. Our consulting services provide our clients the ability to utilize our various offerings.

Our Vision
CoreGroup Network ({DBA} CoreNet Computer Solutions)
creates satisfied clients by providing intelligent service that helps them in their work and personal life. The company provide expert services experience, along with sales, in addition to our premier service and product line.

Our Company
CoreNet Computer Solutions provides general business services and resources to a broad range of clients.
Added internet component to our operation in order to provide our customers with a modern way to do business.
Our consulting services provide our clients the ability to utilize the various offerings. 

The Company History
First Start March 2007 as BNCS Hi-tech.
Then rename to Corenet Computer Solutions, which later became the a subsidary company of CoreGroup Network.



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